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3D Printing

FDM and SLA 3D Printing in the 3D Workshop.

3D Scanning

Information on the 3D Scanning capabilities in the 3D Workshop

3D Workshop Essential Info

How to access and make use of the 3D Workshop.

CNC Routing

Coronavirus Information and Safety

Health and safety procedures during the Coronavirus pandemic


Cutting machines in the 3D Workshop

Dome Blower

How to create plastic domes with the dome blower.


Info on using the drills in the workshop.

Fume Cabinet

Safely bond plastics together using plastic glues in the fume cabinet.

Health & Safety in the 3D Workshop

First Aid and Health and safety information.

Heat Press

Hot Wire Cutter

Information on using the hot wire cutter.

How do I guides

Laser Cutting

How-to and setup guides for the laser cutters in the 3D Workshop.

Most common materials used in the 3D workshop

Glossary of materials.

Plastic Oven

How to melt plastics with the plastic oven.

Plastics Essential Info

Essential information about working with plastics in the workshop


How to make use of the sanders in the woodwork machine room.