How to use the Sense scanner

The Sense is the 3D Scanner available in the 3D Workshop. It can only be used in the 3D Workshop. 3D Scanning Inductions are available weekly during term time and bookable through the orb. This is the best way to learn how to use the scanner.


How it Works

• The sense projects a patterned infrared (IR) beam onto the object from the bottom opening. This is detected by the middle webcam, the top webcam picks up colours. This information generates a point cloud, you object made up of point coordinates. The Sense Software translates the point cloud into the shape and surface of the object and allows exportation of Meshes and Polygon models

Works best on
• Mid Size objects (1m x 1m)
• Bust Models

Does not work well on
• Small Objects
• Shiny Objects
• Transparent Objects
• Matte Black or Gloss White objects. These surface doesn’t reflect IR pattern well. Different colours and tones help.

Size Limitations
• Min: 20 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm
• Max: 3 m x 3 m x 3 m

How to Scan

  1. Connect Scanner before launching 3D software
  2. Choose you object and size
  3. In the Settings change the size of your scan volume if necessary. If scan volume is too small back of the model will be cut off
  4. Position your object or model on the X in the center of the Scanning circles and at a height that is easy for you to scan
  5. Before starting position yourself correctly. The Scanner should be focused on middle of your model.Keep your elbow close to your body. Choose your scanning circle based on object size
    • Small objects – Inner Circle
    • Mid size objects and busts – Middle Circle
    • Large objects and full bodies – Outer Circle
    Your feet will ideally travel of the outside of the circle you are using but this is only a guide. The most important thing is to keep yourself and the scanner at the same distance from the object as much as possible. Best practice is for you to move around the object not have the object moving and you static – This leads to blurring
  6. For medium and large objects and people you will travel around the object 2 or 3 times
    • Middle and Top
    • Middle and Bottom
    • Over the top
    Any more then this and the object will start blurring
  7. To start scanning press the space bar
  8. Watch the screen as you walk around the object or person
  9. While scanning missed spots will show in white. Try to fill in as many white gaps as possible. Particularly, under the chin of people or any object overhangs
  10. If you lose tracking slowly go back and try to realign your scan with the image on screen.If you cannot get tracking back start scan again
  11. When finished simply move scanner away and click the arrow in the top right hand corner to create model.
  12. Move your model around and make sure you have the detail you want. Then click the arrow in the top right hand corner


  1. In the edit tool screen always solidify your model to make it whole and patch any holes. Other options on this screen are Crop and erase
  2. The next screen allows enhancements such as Auto enhance, trim, and touch up.
  3. In the final screen you can save. In the pop up window name your file and finish with .stl This makes the software save in the right format.

From there you can go straight into Cura