Other Scanning options

If you need to scan outside of the 3D Workshop there is Photogrammetry software and Apps available for this.

Photogrammetry is different then 3D scanning but the end results are the same, a digital model of a physcial object. Photogrammetry involves taking photos of an object that a piece of software then generates a 3D Model from.

Lynda.com has a thorough how to guide which explains photogrammetry and how to get the best results. This is an excellent starting point to learn more about photogrammetry and scanning objects outside the 3D workshop.

Software available to to is includes
• Alice vision/ Meshroom – An open Source software
• Alibre Design – Good for 3D Printing, 30 day free trial.

Apps are also available for you phone, though the models genetared are often not as good quality as a scanner or software generated models.
• Android – Scann3D
• Ios – Scandy Pro
• Both - Qlone
• Many newer phones will have a 3D scan option in the camera settings