CNC Cut Slot Boxes


CNC routing is a quick and easy way to create a Slot Box. On the left you can download the files for A4 and A5 sized slot boxes like the one above. These files are for reference only. They have been prepared and programmed so that they can be run on the CNC Router.

A4 Slot Box - Short Side Opening

A4 Slot Box - Long Side Opening

A5 Slot Box - Short Side Opening

A5 Slot Box - Long Side Opening

The boxes are made with a 760 x 506 sheet of 6mm Birch Plywood, which costs £4.00
A4 box Internal Dimensions - 310 x 220mm
A5 box Internal Dimensions - 244 x 158mm
All boxes have an internal depth of 60mm

After cutting there is some cleaning up and sanding necessary before the box is glued together and clamped. Finished examples can be found in the display window in the 3D workshop.

If you want a different slot box that is possible but it will take longer because it has to be programmed before machining. Use the files that are available to download on the left of this page as a starting point and alter until you have the desired box.