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How do I use the fret saws?

If you are making an internal cut you should drill a hole in each corner of the shape you are cutting. You can then thread the blade through one of the holes. Use the fretsaw to cut until you meet the next hole. You can then turn the material and continue the cutting until the internal section is free from the main body.

  • Ensure you are wearing correct PPE as listed below.

  • Ensure the extraction hood is open and positioned as close to the blade as possible.

  • Plan and prepare your cut. Think about the object you are cutting and the order you will make your cuts.

  • Ensure the foot rest is sitting just above your material, this will stop the material jumping while you are cutting.

  • Ensure the guards are covering as much of the blade as possible.

  • It is good practice to check the emergency stop before use.

  • Start the machine and perform your cuts.

  • Keep your object flat on the table while cutting. The reciprocating motion of the blade will want to pull the material away from the bed. Hold it down firmly.

  • Remember to keep your fingers 100mm from the blade at all times.

  • Push sticks and push blocks are always available. These help keep your fingers away from the blade when you are cutting smaller objects.

  • Never try to clear offcuts away from the blade while the machine is running. Allow the next piece of material to push them out of the way or turn off the machine and clear.

  • When finished stop the machine and allow the blade come to a full stop.

  • Ensure you leave the machine clean and tidy.

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