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How do I use the pillar drills?

  • Ensure you are wearing correct PPE as listed below.

  • Choose the appropriate size drill bit and mark the position of your holes.

  • Insert your drill bit into the chuck. Ensure the chuck is tight by using the chuck key.

  • Place your material on the table of the pillar drill. Hold the material flat against the table and clamp to the table if necessary. A jig may be required for irregular shaped objects.

  • Ensure the guards are covering as much of the drill bit as possible.

  • It is good practice to check the emergency stop before use.

  • Start the machine and allow the machine to reach full speed.

  • Use the handle on the righthand side of the machine to lower the drill bit into and through the material. The speed at which you lower the drill bit will depend on the material and size of the drill bit. You may need to lower and raise the drill bit multiple times to get through the material fully.

  • Never blow the dust away from your piece. This will cause settled dust to move into the air, making it more likely to be inhaled. There is a hoover available to clean.

  • When finished stop the machine and allow the bit to come to a full stop.

  • Ensure you leave the machine clean and tidy.

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