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What materials can I use with the pillar drills?

The pillar drill is primarily used to drilling holes in wood. It is ideal for plywood and both hardwood and softwood timber. Never drill MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) using the pillar drill. It creates fine dust which can cause damage to lungs.

  • Drill bits from 0.5mm up to 80mm are available for drilling into wood
  • Drill bits made for metal have limited size options.
  • Drilling in acrylic possible but it is likely to cause chips in the material. To drill into acrylic you must start by drilling a small hole. You should then work your way up through different sizes until you reach your desired hole size. It is not possible to drill large holes in acrylic. Laser cutting holes in acrylic is always preferable over drilling.
  • Sheet material is ideal for the pillar drill. It is possible to drill into round and irregular shaped material, such as tree branches, but care must be taken. You might need to clamp the material down or it may be necessary to make a jig to hold the object. This will stop the drill bit pulling the object out of your hand or pulling your hand into the drill.

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