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How do I use the fume cabinet?

Before using the fume cabinet you should prepare your plastic pieces.

  1. Laser cut the pieces you want to glue together. The laser leaves them with a clean edge which is ideal for gluing together.

  2. Trim the plastic film from the areas that are being glued together. Do not remove the rest of the film. This protects the plastic from being marked or stained by the glue.

  3. Use masking tape assemble your object. The tape should hold the pieces together while you are gluing.

To use the Fume Cabinet:

  1. Ensure you are wearing correct PPE. A technician can give you this.

  2. Ensure the machine is on. The light within the booth will be on when the machine is on.

  3. Ask a technician to give you the plastic glue. This is always stored in the flame cabinet when not in use.

  4. Open the fume cabinet by lifting the door, the door hooks on to the lip at the top of the machine.

  5. Place your object in the fume cabinet and close the door.

  6. If the door is left open the unit will beep to warn user. Once the door has been closed the beeping will stop. If beeping does not stop do not use the machine, speak to a technician.

  7. The acrylic glue is dispensed from a press pump dispenser. Push down on the dispenser until a small pool is sitting in the well.

  8. Use the brushes available in the fume cabinet to apply the glue. Wet the brush thoroughly. Brush along the joins of your object. The glue will seep in underneath the joins and bond them together. Rewet the brush every 5-10cm to ensure enough glue is applied to each join.

  9. After glue has been applied to all joins removed the masking tape.

  10. Add more glue any joins that still feel loose.

  11. When you are finished inform a technician. They will remove the glue and put it back in the flame cabinet.

  12. Dispose of your nitrile gloves in the black bins available.

  13. Always leave the fume cabinet clean and tidy.

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